Swansea International Festival

Logo and branding design for Swansea International Festival, a celebration of music and the arts which has become one of the most distinguished festivals in Wales.

Established in 1948 as Swansea Festival of Music & the Arts, early festivals featured English orchestras and local choirs. More recently the festival has broadened it’s scope to encompass a diverse range of contemporary artists and has also undergone a change of name. A new logo and brand identity was needed to reflect the modern, innovative events and appeal to a wider audience.

We designed a bright, contemporary logo and brand identity which draws inspiration from the fun, energy and excitement of the concerts and events that make up the festival. A modern, responsive website has been built, allowing users to easily find out where and when events are taking place and how to book tickets. A wide range of printed material has also been created, including A5 event diaries, A4 programmes, press adverts and out door banners.